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A top of book (L1) quote feed consisting of the best bid and ask recorded every time the top of the book has changed.

The data format below is available in CSV files accessible using SFTP.

Symbol used for the exchange
Base symbol
Quote symbol
timestamp (UTC)
Epoch timestamp in microseconds.
Ask side quantity at top of book (empty if there aren't any ask quotes)

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L2 Snapshot Top 25 Order Book

A Market by Price Order Book for the top 25 levels of depth. E.g. each row represents the top 25 levels from each side of the order book as recorded every time any of the tracked bids/asks of the top 25 levels changed.

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L2 Tick-Level Order Book

A Market by Price Order Book with full depth of price levels. This is a full tick history allowing customers to reconstruct the whole order book. Snapshots are mixed at regular intervals to avoid customers having to reconstruct the order book from start of day.

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